Sanden Intercool Group

Sanden Intercool Group flagship manufacturing complex is located in Singburi Province, Thailand and spans within an area of 350,000 square meters out of which 110,000 square meters are covered. Within our mega plant, with overall production capacity of over 500,000 units/year

Sanden Intercool Group
we produce a wide range of refrigeration equipment including beverage and subzero coolers, various types of freezers, open-front showcases, state-of-the-art stainless-steel fridges and glass (cake) showcases. In addition, we do operate two “tailored” regional plants in Nigeria and Egypt to capitalize in the benefits of local production flexibility, optimized lead times and lower delivered costs due to import duties.
Sanden Intercool Group
Sanden Intercool offers a complete range of products that consists of more than 300 models with various configurations (cooling performance, electrical rating, refrigerants and design features) to ensure that our equipment can meet the requirements of our local, regional and international customers and support their business requirements and plans.
Sanden Intercool Group

Our global footprint includes 29 regional or local sales offices and distributing partners in Asia, Africa, Middle East and Europe.

In Sanden Intercool Group, we aim to be an established supplier in our core markets by providing durable and easy to operate equipment, highly respected and recognizable brand name, innovative product design and features and highly efficient sales and after-sales support, by:

listening to our customers’ needs and priorities

  1. understanding the market environment
  2. assessing all technological options
  3. applying high quality designs
  4. providing solutions within the “Build for the Long-term” mentality
  5. delivering innovation
  6. working to ensure our customer success in the market
  7. measuring our accomplishment through:
  • Repeating purchase rate of over 85% from our key customers
  • Customer base growth of 5% per year
  • Customer feedback reports
Sanden Intercool Group